What is Yoni Soap?

The word Yoni is a Sanskrit word that literally means “vagina” or “womb”. There are a variety of products on the market that are aimed at Vaginal health and wellness. Many of these products can be found by simply searching the word “Yoni”. Not all products are created the same and may cause more harm than good. So let’s go over a few popular products:

  • Yoni eggs, which are inserted vaginally, have been used for centuries to rebuild and improve strength in the pelvic floor. They can also be very helpful after childbirth.
  • In recent years, there has been a surge in wonderful herbal blends called Yoni Steams or V-steams. Although there isn’t much scientific proof, women have touted this alternative health treatment for helping with pain disorders, improving vaginal health, relaxation and even lessening fibroids.
  • Yoni Soap is meant to cleanse the outside of the vagina and anal area. They can be used to fight odor, restore pH balance, tighten skin, fight bad bacteria and even reduce inflammation. These soaps are a great, Natural alternative to the chemical based products that are promoted in stores. For more information on our Yoni Soap, click here: YONI SOAP.

Products to avoid:

The vagina is a magical, self-cleaning organ and should be treated as such. 😊 Therefore, the use of douches and other products that are intended to clean the INSIDE, should be avoided. Self-treatment may cause more harm than good, so always seek the advice of a medical professional for infections or odors that do not clear up on their own.


Crystal Marie

Yoni Soap